About John Jarrett

John Jarrett has been on the St. Louis live music landscape for over 20 years. John got his start playing live music at the age of 11, when his mother suggested he try out for the school Talent Show. Thanks to Mom, Dad and sisters' support, he began to realize at that age that he was put on this earth to sing and play guitar. At age 14, he got his first loaner classical guitar that sat and collected dust for almost a year before he plucked one string. Influenced by guitar licks of Eric Clapton, the song writing of Phil Collins, The Eagles and the voice of Elvis Presley, John set out to place his mark on local music in St. Louis, MO and the surrounding areas. John has had the most success playing in the bands Sum Odd Reason, Hit Factor and the acoustic duo Bonnie and Clyde. In late 2015, John made the decision to launch a solo act and start playing small venues, and wine bars, ending his run with the before mentioned bands by September 2016. John lives in St. Louis, MO with his wife Katie and their four children.

Brian Maue

 Brian recalls trying to play the Hogan’s Heroes theme song on his father's harmonica 45 years ago. He admits learning very little about the harmonica in that brief time but knew he was enjoying making music. The real credit goes to his mother who bought him a Hohner harmonica for his 27th birthday. For the last 30 years Brian has spent countless hours in the woodshed learning sounds and techniques from various artists such as Adam Gussow and Ronnie Shellist. He began playing Gospel and Christian rock in churches and as he stepped out locally he progressed to bluegrass, progressive blue grass, country, rock, soft rock and the blues. He has played live music with many various local bands in the St. Louis area for the past several years, such as Backwoods (the bad boys of boogie-woogie), Tommy Tunes and the Classics, Toast and Jam and Fire N’ Wine. He has also had the privilege of sitting in with KD Allen and the Sliders, Mo Pleasure and Paul Bonn and the Bluesmen. Brian currently lives in Belleville, IL.